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Lyndsay Constable

The Puzzled Heiress- Paperback- SIGNED COPY

The Puzzled Heiress- Paperback- SIGNED COPY

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Victorian Mystery Thriller- 

An inheritance of villainy. Masterful forgeries of art. An unusually handsome inspector. Pomona Moriarty must unravel it all to prevent a crime that could rock the world.

Pomona Moriarty, the artistic, quirky, half-American daughter of the notorious Professor James Moriarty, finds herself on the trail of clues, puzzle pieces, and artwork that taxes her mind and creativity to the limit. Her journey exposes her to danger at every turn throughout Victorian England as old confederates of her father attempt to steal her inheritance. Can Pomona utilize her knowledge of art to unravel the mystery and prevent her father’s last, most dastardly crime being committed from beyond his watery grave? With her faithful lady's maid and the distractingly fascinating Inspector Liam Lestrade to aid her through her worst scrapes, Pomona doggedly pursues each clue to complete the puzzle and prevent her father from executing his final, most vicious deed.

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